Why the metaphor is offensive. Choluteca River Part 1

I am sure by now everyone has heard about the Honduran river Choluteca courtesy multiple Whatsapp forwards.

You may also not like the below opinion because its easier to agree with someone famous or accomplished and questioning is a cultural taboo.

After receiving it for the nth factorial time , my two cents worth two cents.

1) the post identifies risks vaguely

2) does not articulate risk mitigation / handling.

Should kids now take engineering n medicine n commerce all together to be ready for the future?

Being a motivational speaker it seems to be a self promotion vehicle while also being a case where the one giving advice does not have to face any consequences for lack of utility.

Imagine a batting coach saying “you may have to face a bouncer” ( replace any difficult sport move by the opponent from another sport of choice), hang an image of a fast bowler bowling a bouncer to remind you daily.

How to deal with the bouncer is your problem or you have to hire someone as a motivational coach. Unforeseen or foreseen change can’t just be dealt with awareness. Am sure the speaker would have built the exact bridge and probably an inferior one back then in 96.

Every observation about the past in the future can make past decisions appear silly.

A very complex set of tasks carry details invisible to the guy choosing to be in the audience( even if he is an authority in some form) and a tweet sized note just seems to be insulting.

Do note : motivational coaches cannot grow a forest in a desert, they are bound to environmental variables equally.



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