Choluteca River Metaphor Part 2 : Why plan/manage or own your career is an absurd piece of advice.

if you happen to look up the definition of a career , it goes something like this “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress” — courtesy Bing search.

Lets look at what causes a career to exist, careers are business need driven and as a result controlled mostly by businesses/ functions running in a certain context. So 9 out of 10 times an individual doesn’t have exclusive rights to define a career, he has to choose from existing paths.

If we bring the individual to the career , he chooses from the ones available for him as per his qualification or available to him because of his lack of qualifications.

An individual will never be able to create a career path and hence his career plan will most likely not materialize. There will always be things in demand and out of demand and yes manual tasks will be automated leading to loss of jobs and some new things will come up that would need manual labour initially.

For those who feel entrepreneurs create careers independently , i would like to bring up the concept of control, An entrepreneur or business owner will definitely have more control over what to do and how to do but still is part of the same environment and would still lack a total autonomy over his decisions. Entrepreneurs don’t create businesses , businesses and economic needs create businessmen / businesswomen.

Take one human away , someone or something else will organically create the stuff that is needed for environmental growth and stability.

What can you do for your career is be nimble and be a fast learner and also be well read to be able to act and apply skills that are needed to a changing job environment. You cant go back and take medicine to take part in vaccine research today since a virus has struck the human race hard or all opportunities rest in only one sector.



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