How to understand things or deconstruct a concept.

In order to learn/ analyze a new concept , one needs to find out all the parts of concept.

You can split it into parts like

  1. Rules : what are the basis rules or logic that the concept operates upon
  2. Components : what are the various components in it , you dont have to drill it down to the atomic level but an object level is sufficient. Components might not be easily or completely physical like in the case of wireless communication. You just need to find the elements in operation when the concept is in use. This same can be applied to a physical product
  3. Environment factors: This is almost part of the concept but can change and helps with identifying performance or identifying changes needed to operate under certain environment factors
  4. External variables that can affect the concept: Factors that drastically affect the application of the concept when in use or can lead to failure or out of expectation performance.
  5. Applications: Where is or where can the concept be applied or used
  6. Sub Concepts: A concept can have multiple concepts or parts that can be again split using points 1–5 above.

A) Decomposing a subject or a concept like Mathematics:

Rules: Most granular✔ rules like Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction to derived rules like Formulae, theorems

Components: Number System, Language , Formulae ,Calculation, Theorems

Environment factors: Rarely affects rules as rules of addition wont change, but there could be a space where defined mathematical laws theorems might display change in behavior but base rules wont be affected.

External Variables: Rare instance.

Applications: Measurements of physical objects and physical forces.

To know and apply mathematical principles one will have to learn the basics then the derived laws to fit the required context.

B) Decomposing an Object / System

Glossary✔ :

Granular: Ties to the lowest level of detail , in the above context most granular means we cant break it further or it makes no sense in breaking it further. Basic rules cant be broken down further whereas a theorem can come down to the level of addition and multiplication.