Its Okay …

For those who try too hard and/or are too harsh upon themselves.
At times we try to overdo things or over provide for family and friends which may or may not be for their validation/approval.
Its ok to provide basic needs to family.
Its ok to send your kids to a basic school if that is all you can afford, math doesn't discriminate.
Its ok to not be there for everyone and not attend every gathering.
Its ok to not be a good person, today.
Its ok to, not be the person you have been or not be the person everyone wants you to be at the cost of your own peace.
Its ok to be ok about not being ok too.
A good friend says, all you need is one step at a time.
As long as you know where you headed n make little effort daily, even ant sized for that matter, its enuf.
Another friend says, all that you are is enough.
Results would be better if one worked harder is the most unjust, unfair and stupid generalization one can make.
At times working harder can break you.
Its ok to not be doing anything today, get some rest.
You are not here to guarantee everyone else's well being at the cost of yours own.

Disclaimer: this doesn't mean you assume the opposite and become lazy and stop making effort.
Laziness is a self destructive behaviour with no immediate symptoms but delayed catastrophic outcomes.
What needs to be done has to be done.
The irrelevant can't wait # essentialism.


Its ok to type 'its' and not it's :)



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